During a 3-month programme we become your sparring partner and accompany you on your path to more time and greater success and satisfaction, all in the course of 10 intensive coaching sessions. 

Individual coaching for men and women, executives and entrepreneurs, for all striking personalities who are missing one thing: time for themselves and their lives. 

High expectations, stress and pressure to perform do not make life easy, especially forthe high performers in our society. 

In order to always be able to give 100% for the many professional and private obligations, many put themselves in a state of "hyper-awareness" in order to be prepared for what is constantly being thrown their way. 

Many get stuck in this "viscous cycle" and have already spent decades in this permanent "emergency state". Even fleeing to their own home, holidays, friends or sports cannot really "free" them. Finding an escape is difficult if not impossible. 

The emotions of those affected, mostly people who are in the public eye, suffer. 

They feel an inner emptiness and listlessness, and often compensate through consumption. Their successes seem to justify the high price of a lonely soul. 

What is missing is true joie de vivre, real friends as well as energy and passion for new things, for crazy things, innovations, employee motivation or quite everyday things like spending time with your children or partner; just listening and being there for them. 

All that remains is the hope that one day all this hard work can be enjoyed. 


According to the law of cause & effect, we don’t tend to come full circle: 

  • The carelessness and lightheartedness of "the good old days", when money wasn’t the priority, is gone 
  • Designer clothes and sunglasses conceal the visible signs of years of being overworked 
  • "Haters" and disgruntled employees lurk around every corner 
  • Frustrated and unhappy partners look elsewhere 
  • True friends retreat 
  • Going out is limited to "business meetings" 

Now be honest:  
Do you identify with any of the above points?   
When do you plan to break out of this construct? 

Because if you don't do so soon, you will not only lose your professional vision, but also your personal happiness. 


Decide within a few seconds whether these characteristics apply to you: 

  1. Nonchalence
  2. Clarity
  3. Self-confidence
  4. Openness
  5. Aplomb
  6. Resilience
  7. Determination
  8. Inner peace
  9. Productivity
  10. Creativity 

During a 3-month programme we become your sparring partner and accompany you on your path to more time and greater success and satisfaction, all in the course of 10 intensive coaching sessions. 

The sessions last between 60 and 180 minutes. Depending on the topics, the coaching takes place at different locations and in different settings, such as a meal, a walk, an art exhibition or even in a safe, protected coaching room. Through a lot of movement, different environments, new impressions and energies you can break out of the monotonous cycle ofdaily grind. Something new will emerge. Initiate changes. 

The motto is: you have to change your viewpoint to gain a new perspective. 

We’ll accompany you on the path to getting your life on track, as your guide and sparring partner. In addition to the personal sessions, ad-hoc questions & topics can be answered/discussed within 24 hours by phone or email.  

The goal of our navigators: 

Your environment changes because you change: 

  • Your positive charisma opens new doors for you 
  • Your strategies and concepts work because they are sound 
  • Your competitors or opponents become fans, just like your employees 
  • Your partner becomes your loyal companion 
  • You can always rely on real friends 
  • Your new attitude will be ground-breaking for you 

This innovative Personal & Business Coaching is the most effective, complete and understandable step-by-step programme for top leaders & business personalities ever written. 

It has been developed by the successful self-made entrepreneur and business coach Christine Walker over more than 15 years in cooperation with renowned leaders, innovative entrepreneurs as well as leading experts in competitive sports, psychology and emotional intelligence. Participants in this programme are personalities from politics and business. Absolute discretion is our highest priority. 

Participant votes: 

"The programme healed me." 

"At last I feel free; I recognise the many small things and can really enjoy life again. I still work a lot, but it feels different." 

"I was so lonely. Now I'm going "out" again - it feels great!" 

"It can all be so simple! Why didn't I meet Christine sooner!" 


The programme shows the way to absolute independence and deep, inner satisfaction. 

  • Your ability to draw in success, money, love & partnership will improve rapidly. 
  • You will focus on your health, beauty and charisma instead of fighting illness and discomfort. 

You will learn exactly what you want. How your business can run without you (if you want it to), how to improve and develop your products & services, how to go from "old style" to "new work with style", from "SMART" to "VUCA", from classic to SCRUM. 

In short:  
How to build "your oasis" and leave the confinement of your inner and outer structures forever and always. 

What is this freedom and this attitude towards life worth to you? 

The programme is only available to a select few. 
The places are limited to 3 per quarter. 

Would you like to participate?  
Then meet Christine Walker for a first consultation:  
Book your personal Lunch Flow Coaching for 800€ plus VAT. 

This amount will be charged if you participate in the programme. 

There is still one last place available in 2019. Otherwise there are still some places available for 2020. 

Your Investment: 

30000€ plus VAT and travel costs & expenses, if applicable.