Our certified Office Masters support demanding top bosses, project managers and personalities in terms of organization as well as content, independent of time and space.

Because it is the delivery of results that matters to us, rather than a 9 to 5 presence in the anteroom. And the results mean a maximum of relief for the managers.

What can an Office Master do for you?

  • Smart time management and days off - for more focus & fun!
    The Office Master helps you get out of the hamster wheel through strategic appointment management and prioritizing with business understanding!
  • Information management and if necessary, information filtering!
    The Office Master tracks your tasks as well as projects and keeps an eye on the follow-ups
  • Organisational relief through independent event or project coordination!
    Because office managers are service providers, too!
  • Interface function performed at the highest level!
    It goes far beyond a switchboard or a contact person for your team. The Office Master is your extended arm, catches important moods in the team and can include this in the prioritization for you.
  • Your time to shine: Content preparation and follow-up!
    An Office Master asks the right questions and brings background knowledge to help him get settled quickly in different industries. Thus, the preparation of appointments goes beyond room booking and the correct printout. Documents are consolidated, information and decision papers are prepared with insight, so that you can shine in the meeting due to top preparation.


How does an Office Master bring this added value?

  • At eye level!
    Our Office Masters are sparring partner for managers and make them more successful by providing measurable relief
  • Independent of space...
    From the home office or sometimes for a workshop on site. Our Office Masters live New Work and decide with business understanding where to deliver the best results for our customers
  • ...and time!
    Deadlines and priorities are in focus. We adjust the availability to your needs.
  • with full commitment full time!
    So that the focus is only on you. We offer our Top Office as a virtual part-time solution for administrative support.

How do we ensure this high quality?

  • Our Office Masters are a small exclusive circle of our certified top assistants, they are our limited edition and the upgrade of the upgrade!
  • After certification as a top assistant, practical experience and additional training in soft and hard skills, our high potentials are identified and certified as Office Masters


Can such high quality be affordable you will ask? Yes, it is. As we guarantee your return on investment and through the home office arrangement, you will save travel/accommodation costs on site, besides using a climate-friendly qualified support.

Do you already have such an Office Master in your team? Or are you already an Office Master according to this definition and would like to prove this high quality through our certification? Are you looking to work with us?

Then visit us in our virtual classroom or on our Munich PLU Campus, where we will give you the final touch!