Our Talent Factory Training Plan & Certification

The top assistance Talent Factory –
know-how makes all the difference.

As part of a highly specialised assessment, we select those with the highest potential for our company's very own Talent Factory. There, the talents undergo a five-week performance diagnostics-based training programme. The training, which is based on competitive sports, takes place at different levels and in different disciplines.

Our training programme gives you all the skills for top-level support: we manage the offices of renowned entrepreneurs, DAX-company (German Stock Index) board members and the PMO of major international projects. Young professionals and graduates with potential can also reach this top level within a few weeks thanks to our Talent Factory.


Customised programmes for assistants (beginners/advanced/professional).
Top assistants are no coincidence! Identifiable relief support is certainly not an unreachable goal and can be achieved within a few weeks. This has been demonstrated in practice and by PLU studies. Switch to a highspeed office and more relief support for the executive.


Through targeted techniques and training sessions, coupled with interval training, efficiency and performance increase significantly in just a few weeks. The resulting extra time is used to further develop personal and specific specialist skills.


  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Professional+
  • Expert *** (certification level)


  • General Basic Competencies
  • Back Office/Project Management
  • Competence/Stress Management
  • Communication and Delegation
  • Executive & Assistance Teamwork
  • Personal Development

All training disciplines can be implemented immediately and situationally in day-to-day business and thus provide a tangible added value.

The training programme takes place around four times a year at the PLU Campus in Munich.

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Participation for external participants is also possible, either for the entire training programme or selected individual modules.
A certification can be obtained after successfully passing the final examination.

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Expert*** Level assistants will be awarded the "Excellence Certificate". It is a unique and recognised additional qualification for top assistants, which stands for top quality and performance.

PLU studies show that top assistants are a success factor for companies and their executives. They contribute an average in management efficiency increase of 30%, if optimal teamwork lies at over 50%. Extensive professional and personal skills are a major prerequisite.

Expert*** assistants all have this sophisticated skills profile.

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