Performance Tuning for the Top Assistant Top-Level Support | Assistant

Understand your boss, take over responsibility and manage together as a winning team. 

Excerpt Top Assistant Training Modules:

  • Skill and stress management
  • Self-organisation and time management
  • Implementing the 5-S system in your office
  • Tools, tips & trends for assistants
  • Working together with your boss
  • Everyday communication
  • Face-to-face and remote communication
  • Confidence in the face of challenge

Feel free to contact us at any time regarding the dates for our open seminars or to inquire about our tailor-made seminars in your office. We look forward to hearing from you!

The modules can be individually combined to fit your needs for an in-house seminar.   

That’s why this day will be a highlight!

Because you will learn how you ...

  • achieve more with less effort and unburden your boss even more!
  • will convert your office into an effective high-speed office by introducing
    the 5-S-model to your office, transforming it into a high speed office!
  • more power and fun @ work by utilising the means of technology, tools & tricks. 
  • Strength lies in peace!