PLU Office Master Certification BECOME A MASTER OF YOUR TRADE

PLU Office Masters are masters of their trade, as they organize and support demanding executives independently, flexibly and regardless of time and space.

The focus is on the maximum quality of relief, at eye level with executives and as sparring partners rather than on onsite presence.

PLU is the market leader for top assistance services and has been training and certifying top assistants via PLU Campus since 2007. 

In times of digitalization and the changing image of assistants the certification as Office Master is the next logical step, in order to differentiate the qualitative support of the assistance from purely administrative roles.

After the already very demanding certification as 'PLU Top Assistance', a further upgrade is now possible.

The Certified PLU Top Assistants have the possibility to get certified as PLU Office Master via a success checklist, after attending further virtual training modules and proving their professional and personal skills for this high level of support.

The certification process will go live in Q3 2020. 

If you want to take this next step with us and/or want to help shaping the image of the future assistant, you have several options: 

  • Join our PLU Excellence Circle in your current role
  • Stay ahead with our trainings and workshops
  • Work with us in the future: as a freelancer, permanently employed, or placed within top-tier companies
  • …and most importantly: show your boss your full potential every day!

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