PLU Codex The 5 rules of our RENT BUSINESS

We’ve got your back!
Our top assistants organise your life, your office, your team – it’s what they live and breathe.

The best team in the world!
No matter which of our team members whips your office into shape, we assure the highest quality through our assessments and training. However, if you do have a personal preference, you will have to be quick! We operate on a first come, first served basis, to ensure fairness for all our clients.

We don’t talk, we do!
We live our philosophy. We challenge and encourage our Talents and continue to develop them personally and professionally, and our clients do the same.

Our clients expectations mirror ours!
They place our Talents and Potentials in meaningful positions and treat them with respect and as equals.

We believe in our team and our offering
We provide top support as soon as we possibly can upon receiving a request. Clients appreciate the quality of our offering and are reliable partners (performance records are signed and invoices are paid within the deadline).