PLU Code of Conduct PLU Top Assistant GmbH


This code of conduct is valid for all employees of PLU Top Assistant GmbH: 

For the management, for the executives and all employees. 

In addition to and independently of this code of conduct, our business activities and the conduct of all employees are governed by the applicable laws. 


Corporate values and self-image 

Quality, flexibility, professionality, reliability and trust are the key values of PLU Top Assistant GmbH. Our values lay the groundwork for a trusting relationship with our customers and business partners. Our corporate strategy requires value-oriented action as a foundation, which can be summarised in three areas: 

We put the needs of our customers at the centre of our thinking and actions. 

Our work is goal and process-oriented and we take responsibility for our actions. 

We operate a close and trusting relationship with our customers, business partners and colleagues.


Fair competition 

It is PLU’s business policy to promote fair competition. In competition we focus on performance, customer orientation, innovation and the quality of our services. In this processwe consistently respect all national antitrust regulations as well as the law against unfair competition. We do not tolerate price fixing and other impermissible agreements as well as agreements with competitors for the purpose of market sharing or the abuse of a dominant market position. 


Industrial property rights 

Our know-how as well as developments and trademark rights play an important role in PLU’s future.Their protection is just as important to us as respecting the corresponding rights of third parties. The deliberate violation of industrial property rights of third parties will not be tolerated. 


Bestowing/receiving benefits 

Our company demonstrates its credibility through its performance as well as the quality and reliability of the offered services. We conduct our business using legally compliant methods. This applies both in relations with public officials, political and legal representatives and in relations withinstitutions, customers and suppliers. The executives, as well as the employees, of PLU Top Assistant GmbH are not corruptible. Therefore they do not accept any illegal advantages and do not offer such advantages to their business partners in order to influence them in their business policy or their attitude towards PLU. Executives and employees resolutely reject such advances and make their decisions exclusively on the basis of objective criteria. 


No Discrimination 

No one may be harassed or discriminated against on grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity. As an employer, we have strong sense of social responsibility and treat our employees with respect and dignity. Likewise, we expect our employees to treat each other and the employees of our customers and business partners with respect. 


Handling of information/confidentiality obligation 

The knowledge and information acquired by the employees at PLU is an essential factor for the success of our company. PLU GmbH, as well as all employees, are therefore obliged to protect the knowledge and information, which are company or business secrets, from being spread tounauthorised persons. 

If such information should be made accessible to third parties, for example in the context of projects, a non-disclosure agreement has to be concluded in advance. 

Business or trade secrets of business partners, which we receive after concluding appropriate confidentiality agreements, are also protected from unauthorised disclosure. Relevant information will only be forwarded to those recipients who require this information for their work within the scope of the respective project, with reference to existing confidentiality obligations. 


Conduct towards authorities 

PLU Top Assistant GmbH strives to establish and maintain a cooperative and open relationship with all responsible authorities. Both in the regular cooperation and in special situations (for example, in the context of investigations or preliminary proceedings against third parties) PLU guarantees full compliance. 


Data protection and information security 

The responsible handling of sensitive and personal data within PLU Top Assistant GmbH and towards third parties protects, on the one hand, against data loss and the associated image and material damage and, on the other hand, strengthens the confidence of employees and customers in the company. All documents and records belonging to the workplace have to be protected effectively against access by unauthorised persons. The same applies to mobile work equipment, in particular when used whilst travelling (e.g. mobile computers, mobile phones, data carriers). Important documents or copies thereof must be destroyed in an access-secure manner if necessary. Computers must be protected by issuing and regularly changing suitable passwords.